Let’s Explore Fiscal Responsibility


Control our expenditures and keep a tight budget.


Ensure basic services are supported as much as possible: Police, Fire, Transit


Recognize, that we need to continue to invest in Calgary's economic prosperity to help Ward12 and everyone else in Calgary.

To Tax Or Not To Tax, That Is The Question

We all want the lowest taxes possible, and I do not want to continue to see large tax hikes to residents of Calgary. Yet, it’s no secret that the reason why we have had large tax hikes is due to declining non-residential property taxes. If we are to cut taxes, we will have to cut services.

Can We Afford To Not Make Cuts?

In these very difficult economic times, the City of Calgary has made cuts. The question now is what will be the impact on the City if we keep cutting taxes, and by extension services.

Well in order to grow and diversify our economy studies show that it is important to attract talent and to invest in your basic infrastructure – roads and transit (bus, light rail). And this makes sense, as it should be easy for existing citizens and newcomers alike to get around Calgary. Yet, if we build a reputation for never investing in programs to attract new talent or have solid infrastructure and transit, new companies will pass us up.

So, we need to continue to make fiscally responsible investments. By growing Calgary’s revenue base, we will be able to control the tax burden placed on Calgary’s residents and businesses. By making smart, responsible investments, we will be able to attract new businesses and industries.

Now is the time to invest in success, so that we can continue rebuilding Calgary’s economy, and make life easier for everyone in Calgary.


Invest In Programs To Grow Calgary

We need to look at what programs are attracting new business to Calgary and make sure we are supporting them as best we can. The Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund is an example, as some of it’s work has already resulted in job growth here in Calgary.

By attracting new businesses to Calgary, we will start to grow our revenues once again. By growing our revenue, it will be easier to keep taxes low and services funded.

How To Be Fiscally Responsible

Make Smart Cuts

We need to carefully analyze what cuts will hurt Calgary’s ability to attract new business.  We need to live within our means, but we also need to make Calgary an attractive place for businesses to come to.

Tighten Our Belts

When times are tough, we need to tighten our belts, and that means curbing unnecessary spending or delaying the implementation of some programs.

Get Creative

If we have to cut services, then we need to make sure it doesn’t impact someone’s ability to work. We also need to make sure to implement creative solutions. 

For example: If make it so landfills are only open 8 hours each day, we need to ensure that it’s not open at the same hours each day. After all, some people work nights or do not have their typical 9 – 5 hours off.  That means, if we cut services, we make sure that it is done in a way so that everyone can still utilize that service when they need it most.