Rebuilding Trust With Everyday Calgarians


Engage More Frequently And Directly With Calgarians

We live in the modern era, it’s time that we started using social media and new technology to engage more frequently with those we are serving. Wouldn’t it be great, if you could provide feedback directly to your City Councilor?

See some examples below, by click the example button.


Stop Divisive Politics

It won’t be easy, but we need to work hard to ensure that we stop thinking of Left vs Right, or Conservative Vs Liberal. We need to focus on solving the challenges that lay in front of us. Let’s work on solutions.


Understanding The Why Behind A Vote

You can’t make everyone happy, but they should at least feel that they are being heard. Every day Calgarians should feel their voices are being heard by the public servants who represent them.

The Foundation Of Every Strong Relationship Is Built On Trust

Whether it’s personal or business, every relationship has to be built on trust. Trust is not freely given either, it has to be earned. 

I Plan On Earning Your Trust

As a digital marketer, I’m very familiar with using Social Media and the internet to communicate with others. I feel City Council can better serve Calgary by not only using traditional methods to communicate but by also using modern technology to ensure that your voice is being heard.

  • Use Social Media and other popular online websites to build awareness and get feedback on new initiatives and policies.
  • Use modern technology – Messenger, Virtual Meetings, and more to speak directly with everyday Calgarians.

Why Trust Is So Important

If you trust that your City Council is acting in your best interests, it will be easier to work on our economic recovery. Sometimes, that means you might disagree with a decision City Council makes, but you still trust that they are acting in your best interest. This will allow us to stop being divisive in politics, as it will be understood that Council is working on behalf of all Calgarians.

Earning Your Trust One Step At A Time

Identify Where Calgarians Talk

It’s not just Facebook or Twitter. There are likely dozens of online platforms that Calgarians use to talk. As City Councilor, I intend to identify as many as possible, so I can engage with more Calgarians than ever before.

Listen To Their Problems

By engaging online, more Calgarians will be able to tell me the problems they are facing. Even if we don’t have the solution now, the first step to building trust is listening and making sure you are being heard.

Work On Solutions

With higher engagement, we’ll know quickly what new problems Calgarians are facing. This will allow City Council to act faster to enact solutions to those problems.